The Coronas On Stage at Aviva Stadium


The Coronas In Concert With The Script In Dublin Today

The Coronas at soundcheck at Aviva Stadium

Update from Dave

Hey everyone, been a good while since my last blog and im delighted to report that a lot has happened in that relatively short space of time. Firstly we got t meet one Barack Obama a couple of weeks ago and that was surreal and fantastic in so many ways. Particularly in the backstage area where we waited patiently with a host of irish actors, musicians, and sportstars. Just before me in the line to shake hands with the American president were Gabriel Byrne, Daniel Day Lewis, and Padraig Harrington. As it turns out Obama is a massive golf fan, the Usual Suspects is his favourite film, and he was pretty much speechless at the sight of Daniel Day Lewis….so it was a tough act to follow! He guessed that we were musicians, wished us well and hoped to hear more about us in the future. Having spent the rest of the month working on our new songs I am more confident than ever that at some point soon, he will.

We’ve recorded about 18 demos of new songs so far and are more than prepared to head into the studio towards the end of the summer. We have never been more prepared for recording an album, and never been more excited with the range and quality of songs that we have to choose from. Cant wait to share it all with u, and get out touring again! Will keep u updated on the progress. Best wishes and thanks for all the support,

Love Dave

Playing For the President!

The Lads on stage performing “Far From Here” for President and Mrs. Obama.

Crowds at College Green Waiting for Pres. Obama


Crowds in front of the stage at College Green. We’re getting ready to go on soon!

The Coronas Set to Perform in 35 minutes!!

The Coronas are due to hit the stage and perform for President Obama in 35 minutes. Check out live streaming of the event at College Green here:

The Coronas With Irish Rugby Captain Brian O’Driscoll



The Coronas meet the Captain of the Irish Rugby Team, Brian O’Driscoll.  The team just won the European Rugby cup this weekend.

Conor and Knoxy Backstage in The Green Room @ College Green

Conor and Knoxy chilling out backstage in the Green Room.

Police Escort To President Obama Celebration At College Green

Dublin police escort the lads to College Green.  The Coronas will be performing for President Obama in just  a couple of hours.

The Coronas Perform for President Obama Today At Dublin’s College Green!

We are really excited to be performing for the President and Mrs. Obama today at the free public celebration at Dublin’s College Green.  We go on at approximately 4:30pm GMT and are doing one song “Far From Here.”  If you are in Dublin, come by and join the festivities. Stay tuned to the blog for photos and updates. (time of performance subject to change)

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